Arschloch, Der Das – Bad Trip

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An Album for the lovers of brutality, nasty riffs full of agressiveness with catchy rhythms and of course, for everyone who loves smoke a lot of marijuana.
30 minutes of powerful Weedgrind influenced by the new and old school of noise from the vein of Goregrind, Grindcore and Slamming Brutal Death Metal.
Instrumental recording at Navojoa, Sonora at Yayo Prods by José Osuna
Voices recorded at Culiacán, Sinaloa by Jeff Gutierrez (Northwest) at Bonfire Studio
Mixing and mastering done at Culiacán, Sinaloa by José Osuna
Artwork made by Putrid Carcass
Logo made by Hail JP
Layout made by Gates of Midnight Media
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