Apostasy – Sunset of the End (Cassette)

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Hailing from Chile, speed metal band APOSTASY returns in 2018 with a release that shows the blossoming of ideas developed during the last decade. ”’Sunset Of The End” is however, the classic debut album from the year 1991. This includes 12 songs deep rooted in the genre stylings of the end of the eighties and beginning the nineties. All Songs do not appear to follow any set template and display the character of organically sounding, rather than an effort towards perfection. ‘?Sunset Of The End” is an ambitious thrash metal tape that fills almost a full hour with everything the seasoned and jaded thrash fan wants. Variety in pacing, tons of riffs & a flair for crafting extended and dramatic thrash songs that are both intricate and still ooze with heavy metal roughness. The vocalist has a bit of an accent but that doesn?t stop him from howling like a nutjob and giving expression and a terrifying atmosphere to the songs. His yelling and growling alongside more traditional thrash shouts gives an obscure and unique personality to the album. Now finally available again, here as limited Tapeversion

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