Animal House – Living in Black and White

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Animal House is a compact brotherhood capable of revisiting the great classics of rock, hard rock & heavy metal in an absolutely personal, cheeky, irreverent and damned telluric way. It all ends up in the Animalhouse meat grinder and sounds exactly what it should have sounded: Fuckin’ Loud! In a short time the band captured fans in every corner of the Northeast and neighboring Slovenia. Animal House has become a sort of cult appointment for the bikers in Italy and beyond, so much so that a page was dedicated to the prestigious Biker Life magazine. Some of the events (more than 700 dates in nine years of activity) attended by: International Biker Fest International, MC Pistoni Alati, Bintars Fest, Mk Sairach, Rihemberk, Road Runners Austria, MC kiowa Austria, Platting Germany Beer Festival, Piazza Unità Trieste and many others.

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