Anathematise – Bizarre Tales from the Past and the Future

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Originally named DUGU, ANATHEMATISE was founded in late 2017 by two Death Metal/Thrash Metal enthusiasts, Tormentor and Gut, who are passionate about B-movie and cult film themes and inadvertently got the inspiration for the band’s name from the film “毒蠱” directed by Peng Ling.

In May 2018, with drummer Speed Scum Dog joining the band, DUGU began rehearsing and releasing several demos that were well received by underground DEATHRASH fans. Several underground magazines/websites from Canada, Germany, and Brazil also unanimously praised the obscure material.

In 2019, DUGU joined the roster of Awakening Records, and at the end of the year, a compilation album “Nausea Skeleton Abyss” featuring all of DUGU’s demos was released.

Now, DUGU has changed its name to ANATHEMATISE and has two new members (Vocalist and Bassist). Their highly anticipated debut full-length album is titled “Bizarre Tales from the Past and the Future” and will be released by Awakening Records on March 31, 2023. Recommended for fans of OPPROBRIUM, MASSACRA, MORBID SAINT, and POSSESSED.

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