Aggression – Fractured Psyche Demons

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Formed in 1985, Aggression quickly became one of the most popular bands to rise out of Quebec. Celebrating their 30th anniversary they release Fractured Psyche Demons. The album contains 3 brand new songs and a re-recorded version of Metal Slaughter. These 4 new recordings are released with 2 other sets of unreleased demos (1985 Demo and the 1986 Demo “Mutilator”) that have been remastered for a total of 11 tracks of pure old school speed thrash.

Album cover by Andre “Thrasher” Gibouleau the same artist as
The Full Treatment (BANZAI Records) album 28 years ago !

For fans of: Venom, Destruction, Cryptic Slaughter, Sacrifice,
Slaughter, Morbid Angel, DBC, Voivod, Soothsayer, etc.

Comes with a free bonus CD or as a COMBO DEAL with one of those bands CD: Soothsayer, Chronical Disturbance, Riotor. No bonus CD with the combo deal.

track listing:

1) Defenders Of The Old +
2) Cut Your Sins Off +
3) Sick And Disturbed +
4) Metal Slaughter (2015 version) +

5) Mutilator/Beware Of The Scarecrow ++
6) Forsaken Survival ++
7) Bloody Massacre Carnival ++

8) Blaspheming At The Altar +++
9) Evil Pox +++
10) Metal Slaughter +++
11) Torment Or Death +++

+: 2015 studio tracks

++: Unreleased from 1986 Mutilator demo

+++: Unreleased from the 1985 demo

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