A.R.G – One World Without the End

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The band was born between 1984 and 1985 in Kuusamo/Oulu, Finland, with the name of Pestilence, a name that will be changed several times as there were already bands with that name outside the Scandinavian territory. Finally, the members opt for A.R.G., an acronym for Ancient Rotten Graveguards.

They remain active from 1987, the year of production of the first demo “Broken Marshall”, until 1994. The band was born from the synergy between the drummer Pasi Takkula and the bassist Tepa Karjalainen who, once they found a rehearsal room near the school they both attended, it immediately led them to give life to their own songs.

“Entrance” (1989), “One World Without the End” (1991) and “Redemption from Refaim” (2015) are at 2023 the three albums they have produced so far. In fact, in 2011 the band reformed at the behest of Karjalainen and created the third album of their career.

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