1/2 Southern North – Narrations Of A Fallen Soul

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“Narrations of a Fallen Soul” – first full-length album of 1/2 Southern North (Half Southern North), occult one-person metal band from Greece. IDVex titled genre as “Sounds like Black Noise of Doom” with black metal and doom metal materials. The compositions for the first full-length album entitled “Narrations of a Fallen Soul” started in June of 2017 in Bandapart Recording Studio in Kalamata (Greece) and were completed in August of 2020. The mixing and the mastering of the album was completed a year later, in August of 2021 in the same studio by George Dimitrakopoulos. The album contains 7 tracks, one of them is a cover track. The sound of the album is influenced by Black Metal, Doom Metal and Avant-Garde Music, the aesthetic is based on the Ancient Greek Tragedy while the structure of the compositions approach the forms of classical music. The themes of the lyrics are inspired by the Ancient Greek Mythology/Literature and Occultism.

Release date: 05.05.2023 | Format: (CD) | Genre: occult doom metal

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