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Free Gifts With Store-Wide Sales

This promo has ended. Check out our End Of Year Blowout sale until Jan 1st!

Along with 50% off CDs and $2 off cassettes store-wide, we’re offering you up to TWO FREE ITEMS with every order.

• When your subtotal reaches $30, one eligible CDN Records title in your cart will be completely discounted.

• When your subtotal reaches $50, one more of the CDs and tapes* in your cart will get completely discounted!

This is even better than it sounds – the discounted items count toward your subtotal. That’s just the way it works on our platform.

Start Shopping and see the automatic discounts pile up quickly.

*Excludes pre-orders and new releases from our label, and a handful of items tagged No Discounts.
Offer & sales subject to change at any time. Ends January 1st, 2022. Regular shipping rates apply. Have a great holiday season.