Promo graphic for 50% off CDs and Halloween Shopping Spree contest

October Promo: Enter our Halloween Shopping Spree contest + Get 50% Off CDs

This month we’re doing a combo promo – automatically get 50% off CDs* and gain entry to our Halloween Shopping Spree contest when you complete an order! The contest entry form will show up on the Thank You page after you complete your order.

No minimum spend limit! Gain an extra entry by signing up for our mailing list through the link in the entry form.

Contest ends October 31st at 3:00PM Eastern. At that point we’ll run the drawing and we’ll notify the winner in the evening.

Everyone worldwide is eligible to enter – just place an order before the contest entry period ends. The winner will get a $100 (Canadian) credit towards all CDs, to be used one time. Regular shipping rates will apply. We’ll contact you for further details.

Screen shot of the contest widget
Look for this contest widget after you complete your order!

Note: If the contest widget fails to load, you may be using an aggressive ad blocker, script blocker or third-party cookie blocker. Check your browser and enable the services.

We’ll double check each entry to make sure you’ve completed an order or joined the mailing list. Thanks for supporting CDN Records.

*An automatic 50% discount will be applied to products tagged CD, CD-EP, CD-R and Digi Pak CD. Excludes pre-orders, items on sale, items tagged No Discounts, and the new releases from Slamophiliac, Chainsaw Disgorgement, Septic Felch, and Solace of the Void. Discount ends Nov 1st, 2019.