Updated Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms of Service and More

Like every other website right now, we’ve had to make some changes to the site to give you more ownership over your data and browsing choices.

If you were logged in, we’ve had to log you out temporarily so we can present the cookie consent form to every visitor. All your user data will still be there when you log back in.

Guest shoppers have had their temporary carts and wishlists emptied as we’re now required to ask for your consent to use cookies on our site to power the shopping experience. You’ll notice you can still browse the site freely if you do not accept our cookies. If in the future you wish to save your temporary guest wishlist and cart, create an account.

If you run into any strange problems on the site, try clearing your browser cache and existing cookies before contacting us.

Updated Policy Pages

Under new international laws, we now have to prompt you for consent whenever we collect any of your data, so you’ll see some new checkboxes and links around the site pointing to our updated Privacy Policy (including Cookie Policy) and our Terms and Conditions pages.

You are now entitled to receive a report of your personal data and can request a deletion of your account, just use the Contact Us page and select “Privacy Policy Question or Request”. For deletion, we now have tools to anonymize your data, but we reserve the right to retain all order information for tax and accounting purposes, as explained in our Privacy Policy.