White Wolf – Our Country

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Band: White Wolf
Album: Our Country
Year: 2021
Country: Russia
Format: CD
Genre: Tatar Folk Metal
Label: SoundAge Prod.


1 Our Land
2 Sanding – Nightingale and Dove
3 Why Are Your Eyebrows Black 4 I Just Wake Up In The
Morning …
6 Swans (White Swan)
7 Gathering of the Gifts
8 Entering the Forest … (Entering the Forest …)
9 Wings of Goose
10 How Beautiful Our Land Is
11 Our Country (Instrumental)
12 Sandugach – Pigeon (Instrumental)
13 I only get up in the morning … (Instrumental)
14 By the water (Instrumental)
15 If you go into the woods … (Instrumental)

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