Whiskey Ritual – Kings

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The Black Metal Ultras are back!

After three years and countless shows full of destruction, whiskey and brutal memories, WHISKEY RITUAL are back with their fifth album. It represents a caesura. The Italians have approached their latest work differently than in the past and the result is “Kings”. An album full of cruelty and decadence – but at the same time, of course, still full of Punk: an irreverent middle finger to today’s society. A little more drama has crept in, but this is necessary to reflect WHISKEY RITUAL in the year 2022. Because “Kings” represents 100% what the band stands for – a tribute to the old legends who were in the scene and those who still wear it today with gritted teeth and the right attitude. A brutal middle finger that will also make the audience jump on stage live to pay homage to Black Metal Punk together with WHISKEY RITUAL.

The album was mixed and mastered at Necromorbus Studio by Tore Stjerna in Sweden and wrapped in a fitting sound. A dirty, catchy bastard that once again shows where WHSIKEY RITUAL come from and where they want to go: From the streets, to the stadiums, to the throne.

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