Weak Aside – The Next Offensive (Cassette)

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5 years after the last album “Ghostleader” the quartet from Tom Zorn´s band is after refreshing with new members finally back in business! “The Next Offensive” is the 2nd album from Germany’s WEAK ASIDE & their statement is clear from the get go-solid, no frills, Death Metal in the old school way. Those who appreciate the fine art of an album to be like a flawless cast, which is sure to have his special pleasure with this album of the 4 northern mates. Amazing 43 minutes music is what you get, with deep growls, fast or melodic riffs, variety & groovy parts that simply invite for headbanging! With this 11 tracks WEAK ASIDE have created a real death metal monster, an absolute must have for fans of BOLT THROWER, MORGOTH & DISMEMBER. Here is the limited Tape Version of 300 hand-numbered pieces. Comes right now to the front.

Side A
1. The Next Offensive 03:29
2. Gods of Pain 04:04
3. Siren 04:00
4. Alive 04:29
5. Storm of Violence 04:21

Side B
6. Broken Frontline 03:50
7. Death Waits 03:55
8. Rapture & Disease 04:07
9. Spawn of Hate 03:44
10. The Tank 01:17

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