VHS – Lenzi

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The ultimate horror has now been unleashed!

“Lenzi” the new EP from VHS is now out on CD and Cassette courtesy of Life After Death Records

2 tracks clocking in at just under 20 minutes and dedicated to the purveyor of sleaze, filth and cannibal carnage Umberto Lenzi.

Mastered by Dan Swano and artwork for the full reversible booklets and jcard by Gruesome Graphx. Layout done by Ian/Claweight.

“The fact that “Primitive and Pissed Off” includes an oozing snarl of “THEY ATE HIS PENIS…” suggests that the Canadian trio were really taking their time to enjoy these songs, and the subject matter behind them.”-Metal Sucks

“The sample intro to ‘Primitive and Pissed Off’ pretty much sums up what you’re about to listen to. A sinister bass line leads us before gates of churning death metal, more samples of torture and screaming and a guttural roar intonating tales of cannibalistic horror.”-The Killchain Blog

“Two tracks here cover just under 20 minutes of time but it doesn’t feel like it, this EP feels like a breeze to experience and total ease to listen
to all over again.”-The Razor’s Edge

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