Vedmak/Wolf’s Hunger – Split cd

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Freshly recorded split CD from two interesting and authentic bands from Russia and Serbia! Russian black/death metal band VEDMAK has two full-length albums in its discography inclusive of one CD previously released by More Hate Prod. As compared to that album recorded back in 2013 the music of the band contains more thrash and death metal elements today. However they make the songs even heavier, while twisted guitar riffs subtly hint at applicability of a widespread tag – “technical”. WOLF’S HUNGER (Serbia), in turn, stick to the musical concept familiar from their previous two albums and present logical development of their outstanding CD “Bez’te zivi vracaju se mrtvi” (2016). It is a spinous, tough and evil black/thrash metal with masterfully balanced guitar riffs and venomous vocals. The bands also present two cover versions: “Wolfpack” (SATYRICON) and “Die by the Sword”(SLAYER)!

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