Vargr – The Abduction

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VARGR was created by Stephane Bélanger (known for managing OBLIVEON and GWN Records over a decade ago) on drums and vocals and highly acclaimed metal deconstructor gyuitarist / vocalist Steeve “Big Steeve” Hurlde (Purulence, Negativa, Gorguts) in 1997 with the intention of creating timeless heavy ness, darkened, evil sounding DOOM. Later joined by veteran bassist vocalist Stephane Picard (Obliveon) to complete the trio. The 3 members were sharing vocal duties over the 3 songs created as a Dark conceptual piece. Trying to describe this 18 minutes piece of metal history is not an easy task, specially when a riff wizard like Steeve Hurdle is given “Carte Blanche” to create whatever he felt like exploring within his vast musical influences… Just keep in mind Hurdle had just contributed the bulk of what would turnout to be “Obscura” a year or so later, and Picard was pushing the “Nemesis” classic to be around the same period… so that should be giving you some pointers about how absolutely wicked is the whole thing. Steeve Hurdle passed away in May of 2012 and its finally time, after 2 decades, to make this sole recording available for Steeve’s friends, fans and followers.

Limited to 300 copies

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