Valentin Lezjenda’s Speed Of Darkness – Alternate Reality

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first full-length album of the international power metal project Valentin Lezjenda’s Speed Of Darkness. The geography of this project is hugely vast: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, Sweden and Argentina. It is a conceptual work based on the novels of the Ukrainian science fiction writer Valentin Lezjenda. A number of musical pieces are based on the alternative historical action movie “The Speed of Darkness”, dedicated to the confrontation of the mystical special services during the Second World War. Let is note the diversity of this album within the genre of power metal. Complex instrumental tracks full of progressive licks and bright symphonic features are beautifully framed by classical power vocal compositions, which favorably complements the musical palette of the entire album. Most of the music was composed by Valentin Lezjenda himself and by Belarusian virtuoso guitarist Yevgeniy Sirota. The release is noted with many honorary Russian-speaking guests and famous guest musicians from abroad. We would like to separately mention such musicians as vocalist Ivan Zhernovkov (“ARTERIA”), legendary guitarist Viktor Smolski (“Almanac”, “RAGE”, “Kipelov”), German guitarist Michael Pesin (“Herman Frank”, “Victory”, “Thomsen”) , Argentine keyboardist Maximiliano Pistara (“Hadalunna” “Dark Trinity”) and Italian multi-instrumentalist Federico Lucchi (“Skycrater”). All these musicians give the release a unique authentic sound characteristic of the modern European school of the power metal genre. We can boldly recommend this album to fans of such power metal bands as “Edguy”, “Angra” and “Dark Moor”.

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