V12 – “Born to Die/The last Waltz(The Diehard Tapes)”

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Considered one of the best Portuguese Metal bands ever, this band started out in 1984, but only in 1987 they recorded their first demo “Born to Die”, with four studio tracks. After a while in 1988, one memorable concert was recorded on audio and video bootleg, to spread around for the fans. The audio and video still today is being shared nationally and internationally by fans of the band and curious headbangers. This anthology will include the full gig along with the demo, since the live sound is very good, which many even consider better than their demo, and a two-song rare rehearsal. This is the early stage of V12 with first singer Raf Maya, very influenced by Manowar, in fact the band at this stage can be compared to a mix of early Helloween, Manowar and even Manilla Road! Their epic approach makes sense comparing with the last two bands and even some Maiden from the Piece of Mind-era. The faster songs have an obvious early Helloween influence but also early Metallica/Slayer. This is absolute steel of the highest order: Power-Speed Metal with heroic high pitch vocals! This is an old project that only this year will finally see the light of day: Originally intended as a reissue with the Raf Maya (first singer) era, this suddenly extended to the second era (Jorge Martins on vocals, the one in the full lenght vinyl recorded in 1990). Since for legal reasons is nearly impossible to take off the album of the greedy Universal Music offices and reissue to the headbangers out there, we decided to include a very rare promotion gig of the album recorded in 1990 on the same place the live 1988 with Raf Maya of vocals was recorded: Rock Rendez Vous, the mythical venue in Lisbon, where lots of Metal bands played throughout the 80’s. This performance is brutal, revealing the true power and heaviness of the songs on the album (the studio recording for the album was too clean and thin sounding), theres also two unreleased tracks on the live show which makes this mandatory for any V12 fan! For those who don’t know, this second era of the band turns into a more technical Power Metal direction influenced mainly by late 80s Maiden, Fates Warning and early Queensr

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