Uvod – Uvod

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A self-titled debut by UVOD — the duo from Tver, Russia. In keeping with canonical black metal approach, the musical canvas created by UVOD reveals the essence of distant lands near the little-known Uvod river. 30 minutes of venomous yet dope melodies bring forth the horribly familiar imagery of depression, decay, fear and despair. The range of emotions is not limited to bitter rancor. Each minute of the album is imbued with anguish of desolation — your grief for the land once vibrant with life, will remain until the end. The duo presents six dark prayers born on the lips of an old man, six spells, twining like a brook and burning with the fire of sadness. The album is very diverse, ranging from atmospheric and melancholic black metal inspired by American and Canadian scene, to rather tough, complicated and somewhat chaotic material.

Release date: 19.07.2023 | Format: (CD) | Genre: Black Metal / Atmospheric Black Metal

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