Utburd – Story of Frozen Souls

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Atmospheric Black Metal from Kola North. Utburd it’s cold, mystic one-man project from Russia Polar North – Olenegorsk.

In the spring of 2021, after a year of worldwide isolation, UTBURD is preparing to present its new work about loneliness and heroism, as well as about personal feat and the tragedy of loss. Cold, blizzards, storm and loneliness of the polar night – that’s what awaits the listeners of the new opus entitled “Story of Frozen Souls”. The concept album will tell about the exploration of Antarctica, the discovery of new lands and the first travels. The collective image of the heroes-discoverers James Ross, Ernest Shackleton and Robert Scott, seasoned with Edgar Poe’s story about the adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym, coupled with viscous, gravitating riffs, voluminous compositions full of Antarctic cold and oppressive darkness, will make the listeners wrap themselves up in a warmer hour exploration of the icy continent. Sound experiments from Slaughtered Studio, frosty atmosphere, stormy blast beats, guest vocals, live flute and lyrics full of despair and hope – this is what the new work from the polar project Utburd is filled with.

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