Troma Tumor – Troma Tumor

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Troma Tumor is the first brutal death metal themed band in China which founded in 2013 and at the same year signed a contract to Thanatology Productions.

At the very first beginning, the source inspiration of the band comes from various rough movies created by notorious TROMA company, however, through long-term exploring and experiencing in death metal, they eventually figure out their own style-a traditional brutal death metal band with multiple musical elements within 2 years., Troma Tumor concentrates more at arrangements and avoided common problems like “short-plain-fast” comparing to the same style band in China.
Personal emotion and life feelings enriched music of Troma Tumor, which presents them in an extremely way but the most realistic feelings since there is no comparison to the real world.

The album only get 300 editions including domestic and international version. Here comes the introduction of the Album Troma Tumor:
Including 8 tracks and one cover track which honored to Pink Floyd (the honored song played and sang by Mr. Jiaren Liu) in album Troma Tumor. Apart from “short-plain-fast”, refuse to the mechanically copy music, Troma Tumor recreate every single track in this album along with their own explanation.

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