Troma Tumor – The Chaos God

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The world was born in the beginning of chaos, chaos, chaos everything lives, everything is reincarnation, reincarnation is taken from the causal, everything is a deviant, the debut of the world has been regarded as hopeless. with incessant, irreversible, cannot be cured people will be killed, all students can also destroy the people of chaos.
This is the latest Troma Tumor EP “The Chaos God” throughout the idea.
From the band’s first album “Troma Tumor” issued more than a year, two members of the band did not appear in this year many domestic band stop, an album forever, but experienced a series of precipitation and adjustment, the latest issue of “The Chaos God”.
The music works have been greatly improved in the soundtrack and the content, style also has a corresponding change, from before the pursuit of fierce morbid brutal death metal gradually transformed into death metal.
Troma Tumor band style adjustment, not only did not weaken the whole EP expressive force, but make the whole EP theme more distinct stereo. The diversification of music and arranger also make the whole piece of EP sounds more fierce, but also to strengthen the Troma Tumor as an extreme sense of the death metal band.

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