Treachery – The Key to the Abyss

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Moscow death metal band TREACHERY consider their new EP ‘Ключ к Бездне’ (The Key to the Abyss) to be a pure honey to the ears of metal fans missing the old-school canons. It’s a conventional death metal featuring all the elements characteristic of the genre: speed and groove, molten together in a hellish forge to the glory of Chaos and Obscurity. Ghastly dreams and fantastic apparitions, Lovecraftian tropes in the lyrics, thrill of knowing the horribleness and greatness of the inevitably yawning Abyss thrust through this EP like the tentacles of a chthonic monster from the coverart designed by Armaada Art.

Released January 9, 2023

The release features a cover version of ‘Dead by Dawn’ — a legendary song originally performed by the mighty American blasphemers Deicide! Drums recorded by Andrey Ischenko (Arkona, Catharsis, Mortem, Hieronymus Bosch, Grace Disgraced, Bestial Invasion, Rossomahaaar, Hetecraft etc.).

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