Tomb – Entrance to Primordial Funerations

$7.00 CAD

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Brutal Death Metal with Members from Spain and Canada

Jonathan Pernía García (Virulency, ex-Forensick) – Vocals
Oscar Ortega (Endoparasitic, Fixation On Suffering, Experiments In Torture, Molecular Fragmentation, Septycemia, Servants Of The Sword, Strappado, Septycemia, ex-Scatology Secretion, ex-Cerebral Effusion, ex-Forensick, ex-Intraocular Anomalies, BDSM Records) – Guitars
Jorge “DisJorge” Salgado (Fixation On Suffering, Endoparasitic, MDMA, Virulency, Septycemia, ex-Infertile Surrogacy)
Dave Black (Gravitational Distortion, Blastomycosis) – Drums