Thy Rites – Nekrolatreia

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New album “Nekrolatreia” of Brazilian thrash/black metal band THY RITES is out now!

Thy Rites was summoned in MMV (Anno Satanae) to praise the name of Lord Satan and desecrate the weakling light of Jehova. Spiritually influenced by abominations of the ancient ones, canonical madness, religious debauchery, horned sodomy, hateful antichristianity, demonical fanatism, divine blasphemy, apokalyptic disgrace and glory of all legions of Hell and musically hailing the Old School and Satanic Black/Thrash Metal as it meant to be in honour to the old morbid way.

With pandemic necrotic vibes, Thy Rites are back with their fourth full-length album titled as “Nekrolatreia” bringing a brand new and extreme musical direction on the conceptual death cult assault. 11 skullcrushing hellbanging tracks, around 30 minutes of sonic cultist black/speed metal fanatism to feast the humankind damnation with bestial riffin violence forged in the evil glorious metal from the primordial 80’s. Strongly recommended for the fans of SLAYER, KREATOR, BATHORY, POSSESSED, RAZOR, SARCÓFAGO, MUTILATOR, NIFELHEIM. Artwork by Luciana Nedelea.

01. Mors Inceptio Solum Est
02. Carcinogenesis
03. The Cursed Slumber
04. Engraved Into Darkness
05. Carrionscape
06. Nekrolatreia
07. Psalmody Of Damnation
08. Mephistophellian
09. Christ’s Death (Sarcófago cover)
10. The Feral Communion
11. Amen (Ora Pro Nobis)

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