The Killing Condition – Broken Dowm Morals

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The Killing Condition featuring the guttural vocals of Gregory Kennedy formerly of New York Death Metal Power House, Wasteform. Full album Broken Down Morals recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Case (SKINLESS) with artwork by Matt Mrowka and guest vocals from Ryan Murphy (Cutthroat) and Dustin Rose (Traumaside & Assult On The Living).

“Punishing! It’s nice to hear vocals human and not at all human in the same song.”
Rob Fusco
(Most Precious Blood, One King Down)

“It’s the stuff that makes people violent!”
Phil Vibez
(The Judas Syndrome, Irate)

Gregory Kennedy- Vocals-
(Wasteform, Facecast, Goatmass, Straight Jacket)
Phill Shannon- Drums
(Abhorrent Aggression)
Aaron Figueroa- Guitar
Rhandy Smith- Bass

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