The Grave – Funeral Hymns

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The second album by Bulgarian one-man project was not long in coming. The project has significantly developed its musical style. The material at the interface of black metal and atmospheric death/doom metal is notable for quite diverse and numerous guest vocals. Female vocals were performed by Roni (aka Neophyte Aronia) from ZIMA (Bulgaria). Clean male voice belongs to K from MANTLE OF DUST (ambient/neoclassical). Screaming and growling were traditionally performed by Avva Avvadon – the mastermind of the project. The new way of darkness is open now. Do you have the courage to choose it?
released March 9, 2022

The nine-track album includes a cover version of ‘Beyond the Dream’ – a song originally performed by the mighty death metal band SCAPEGOAT back in the early ’90s – and a bonus track: the remixed version of ‘Гнявъ’ that previously could only be heard on the MC version of ‘Cмирение’ (Smireniye) album.

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