The Exalted Piledriver – “Night of the Unpolished Turd”

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Canadian cult metal band THE EXALTED PILEDRIVER (a.k.a. PILEDRIVER)release a new live album, “Night Of The Unpolished Turd”.The CD was recorded on October 30, 2010 at the Scout Hall in Cochrane, Ontario, Canada Commented the band: “[This is] an ‘actual’ live album, on an average night in Nowheresville, Northern Ontario, Canada. Not just the jewels in the rough, cherry-picked from 23 shows in front of some other headliner’s huge audience, but ONE live performance in front of a handful of true Old-school metalheads, as is reality outside of Europe!!! The Pile-barkin’ and band-playin’ (every race-it-like-you-stole-it mistake included) are simply 666% GIVE ‘ER TO HELL!!!!!! And the sound is waay too loud and ‘wrong’ at ANY volume on ANY system!!!! A true speaker-shredder as only PILEDRIVER could produce!!! Yer gonna need some industrial swabs to get this aural excrement outta yer ears, trust me!!!!”

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