The Atlas Moth – The Old Believer

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Chicago, Illinois THE ATLAS MOTH have always been a hard band to fully categorize simply because of the myriad of elements and influences that seamlessly amalgam together to create one of the more distinct sounds in the American heavy music scene today. Over the years through the band’s endless touring jaunts and putting out releases that display the band’s crushingly heavy yet beautiful take on their style of progressive crushing psychedelic metal, THE ATLAS MOTH have made quite the name for themselves.

Now with their third full length album “The Old Believer”, THE ATLAS MOTH are prepared to unleash their most glorious and riveting work yet. An album in which sees the band exceeding all previous efforts in a work which takes the entire ATLAS MOTH musical paradigm and brings it to new levels unparalleled with more advanced and focused songwriting, production, and overall execution and presentation.

Produced by guitarist/keyboardist Andrew Ragin at Chicago’s Wall To Wall Studios and mixed and mastered by Kyle Spence of Harvey Milk/Kurt Vile (in cooperation with Ragin) in Athens Georgia, “The Old Believer” features guest appearances by Gojira vocalist Joe Duplantier (as well as “gang vocals” from the other Gojira members) as well as guest appearances from SUBROSA violinists Kim Pack and Sarah Pendleton. The art and design for “The Old Believer” was created by Invisible Creature (Kendrick Lamar, Foo Fighters, Norma Jean etc.) and features a water-reveal insert where once immersed in water, the album cover changes and morphs into a new image revealing the art that lies beneath the surface.

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