Teratoma – Chaosmakers

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Chaosmakers” is true-to-form traditional death metal. The production is a bit too polished to clearly entrench it in that “old school” camp, but anyone who wants to dip their ears into some foul-stenched metal would have those aural orifices fulfilled by TERATOMA’s homage to their forebears. The riffs are heavy and effective, and Titopsy’s death growls are as good as anybody out there, to be honest. In the end, however, if the soundtrack to the end of the world is filled with death metal bands vying to be baptized in the blood of eight billion dying souls, TERATOMA may get lost in that deadly shuffle. They have the technical ability to play at the highest level, as they clearly do on “Chaosmakers”. If they can infuse this talent with the creative equivalent of a rapidly spreading tumor, TERATOMA may be around long after the cancer has destroyed us all.

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