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ORCD 177) TEETHING / Help (CD)
Release Date : Halloween 2022 (In store date in Japan : 22nd Nov)

Four Hardcore dudes playing Grindcore from Madrid, Spain.
Due to lack of creativity, they fuse their love for Napalm Death and Hatebreed in one.
The bands collage driven visuals and black humor compliments their overuse of breakdowns. Possibly the only Grindcore band to release an action figure. 2nd full album (inc 1 bonus song). Asian Edition.
Worldwide released by SELFMADEGOD

01. Ralph Is Back
02. Devouring Friendship
03. Striking Fires
04. Your Band Sucks
05. Pinoy Justice
06. Like The Movies (with Matt Harvey of Exhumed)
07. Upside Down Bat
08. Beth
09. Just Kiss
10. Roach Apartment
11. Palmera de Chocolate (with Phil Vera ofDespise You)
12. Asshole Cancer
13. Weissenborn Song I: An Introduction
14. Weissenborn Song II: A Farewell Letter To George
15. Teething Remix (Bonus track)

Formed in Madrid, Spain in 2011. Respecting NAPALM DEATH and HATEBREED, songs that cross grindcore and hardcore and lyrics full of black humor. He has released many sound sources in the underground scene so far, and has appeared in Obscene Extreme and Download Festival. In 2018, he performed with BUTCHER ABC from Japan in Spain.
Five years after the first album in 2017, the second album has become even more aggressive. Guest vocals include Matt Harvey from EHXHUMED and Phil Vera from DESPISE YOU. Recommended not only for grindcore fans, but also for hardcore punk and power violence fans!

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