Syphilis – Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

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SYPHILIS is an Indonesian death metal music group formed in 2018 in southern Bandung. Originally it consisted of joy (guitar) dikdik (drum), and grand (vocal) Gilang (bass). The early works of shyphilis were influenced by brutal death bands in foreign countries such as cerebral incubation, fetal dying, decapitated, gorgasm, disgorge and so on. but slowly changing towards more brutal music includes a more diverse style of music into their music. Namaun Over time we decided to add 1 more guitar personnel. Because there is something missing in our music.
And finally we also invited one of the personnel from the haemoroid band, opey Decapitated. Shyphilis was walking with his new formation.
At that time we began the cultivation of the first album Shyphilis, titled Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting . but when we were working on the album. Gilang also decided to resign from Shyphilis. Because it is busy with lectures and thesis. And we changed the formation. Joy, who started to move on the guitar into bass. August 26, 2018. We received an Invitation to play at the Death Fest. And finally Shyphilis played, with the skills and characteristics of our music.

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