Suntorn – Symbiotic Polarity

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After three years in hiding, Suntorn aggressively return with their highly anticipated sophomore album, “Symbiotic Polarity”. This follow up to 2012’s “The Will To Power”, takes the bands slam and brutal death metal roots on an agonizing, twisted journey into darkness. Straight into Disgust & Venom, the pace is set into rapid movement, going wildly mad throughout twists and turns until the end, when “The Crown of Human Reason” takes everything back down into an abyss of emotion. An industrialized, relentless oddity can be heard on “Vital Incarnation Of The Void Within”, and “All Is Fire” features Youngy of Australian’s grind outfit, King Parrot. Reinventing their signature “Nu Slam” sound of the past, Suntorn unveils a new state of darkness versus light. For fans of Devourment, Dying Fetus, KoRn, and Aborted.

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