Stigmatic Chorus – Fanatic

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reissue of the 5th and the latest album of the legends of Russian symphonic black metal stage. The album includes 9 grandiose tracks from the deeps of the darkest abyss. All at once, the music of the band has become more brutal, fast and melodic! Album story scripted by Den Sain and Demether Grail is dedicated to the bloody events that plunged Nauvoo (USA) into darkness during the Mormon war back in 1837. The city folk elect a new church preacher as a Prosecutor. Considering himself a prophet of God on the Earth he makes gruesome things full of obscurantism and hate. First he puts to the sword of his justice all beautiful women of the city followed by their children – the victims of his passion for polygamy. Finally, after the civil revolt the city folk turn comes… The album is permeated with atmosphere of aggression, insanity and fanatic obsession. Album artwork by Alexander Tartsus. Special guests – Natalia Terekhova (Dark Princess) and Demether Grail (ArcanorumAstrum, Grailight, Zmey Gorynych).

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