Spirit of Rebellion – The Reign of Denial

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SPIRIT OF REBELLION are back with what will be considered one of the best DEATH METAL album of 2018! Brutal, Heavy, well composed, and with an amazing production to booth… Everything on “The Reign of Denial” Killz! If you’re a fan of their last 2 albums, brace yourself as you haven’t heard the band at its peek yet! a bit over 36 minutes in length, the album grabs you by the throat and just never let the fuck go… With its Intricate riffs, sublime leads and a (new!) vocalist destroying everything on his path, “The Reign of Denial” transcends the very best of MORBID ANGEL and the over abusing brutality of CANNIBAL CORPSE with SOR’s trademark punishing velocity! This is fucking IMPRESSIVE… Rimouski METAL fucking Rules!

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