Spawn of Annihilation – Insurrection

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Debut album from the finest Mexican technical brutal death metal.
released January 11, 2018

S.O.A. is:
R. Espindola – vocals
I. Marquez- Guitars,
J. Aguirre – Drums

All songs wrote by Marquez, lyrics wrote by Marquez and Espindola
Drums Recorded at Bunker Records by Aldo Montanes
Guitars Recorded by Marquez and Emmanuel Hernandez
Vocals Recorded by Emmanuel Hernandez
Orchestral parts digitally by Marquez and Aldo Montanes
Mixed and Mastered at Pitagoras Audio technology by Junior Patiño
Guest Bass performed by Todd Franham of Invidiosus
Bass Recorded by Todd Franham.
Cover illustration by John Quevedo, Cover concept by Marquez and John Quevedo
Logo design by Emmanuel Garcia

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