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SONATA ARCTICA Formed 1996 in the Finnish town of Kemi, SONATA ARCTICA has over the past ten years become one of the most important melodic power metal bands on the planet. Extremely successful tours throughout Europe, America and Japan made Tony Kakko and the boys an international act with thousands of fans all over the world.
In late 2003, SONATA ARCTICA signed a contract with Nuclear Blast Records and started recording “Reckoning Night” soon after. The first single ”Don’t Say A Word” was released on August 23rd in Finland only. The single went straight to #1 in the official charts!
A headline tour was supposed to follow the release of “Reckoning Night“, but the band recieved a once-in-a-lifetime invitation from Nightwish to join their European tour as special guests. SONATA ARCTICA simply could not say no and toured Europe with NIGHTWISH, playing arenas with capacities up to 12 000! After the great success of „Reckoning Night“ and the 2006 released Live-DVD „For The Sake Of Revenge“, the band is up to present their fans and everybody else a new masterpiece of heavy music!

„Sure as hell, we did not redo something we’ve done before!“ Tony Kakko – SONATA ARCTICA This time, SONATA ARCTICA cannot be forced into a special genre, it is way more then awesome Power Metal, which made the band famous and they have celebrated so far! „Unia“ is a melodical, forward-thinking album for openminded music fans and of course SONATA ARCTICA fanatics as well!

Also the production is outstanding. The band used different studios for the recording process, the mixing was done in the famous Finnvox Studios, whereas the mastering was in the hands of the Cutting Room is Stockholm, Sweden. “Unia” is a typical SONATA ARCTICA album for sure, but the band was smart enough to add some new ideas into their well-known sound. That makes “Unia” the most ambitious album SONATA ARCTICA ever recorded. And, yes, it´s also their best album up to date. And, no, this is empty phrase, this is simply the truth.

Listen to the album carefully and you will discover an enourmous spectrum of sounds – food for your soul, as Tony Kakko mentioned, but also food for your heart. “Unia” is a dream of an album. Maybe that´s why the band chose this title:” It´s theFinnish word for “dreams”! “Unia”. It’s like a treasure hunt, might demand some work to get there, going through in clue at the time, but in the end it’s a rewarding adventure. As every great album should be.” Tony Kakko – SONATA ARCTICA