Snipers of Babel – Redemption (Digi Pak)

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The Tower of Babylon was a symbol of power within a corrupt society of their time and now our government is the Tower.But it’s with one exception, the SNIPERS OF BABEL will be bringing the truth! Snipers of Babel is a super group created by Mike Bossier (guitar,keys and samples) from Spine, Audio Terror Regime, Oblivion and Zekiah. He then enlisted 5 amazing singers from past and current bands such as Abominog, Inhumation, Serpents of Secrecy, Summer’s End,Zekiah and Audio Terror Regime. Featuring Kevin Talley on drums (Suffocation, Dying Fetus…..)
This is the sound track to the end times!!!
Album cover art work done by the legendary Vincent Castiglia!!!

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