Smile a Velociraptor – ViolenceRaptor

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The second full-length album of a mathcore band from Udmurtia with a funny name SMILE A VELOCIRAPTOR! The album is titled “ViolenceRaptor” – this title has no specific translation – it is a kind of play on two words – Violence and Raptor, – a parody of scientific definition of dinosaurs that lived long before our era. The musicians did a great job aiming for their own prominently individual sound dissimilar from other bands. With a view to going beyond all and any particular constraints the musicians use them when they want to add some discordance to the harmony generally prevailing in their music. The lyrics of the album are a kind of compilation of comic stories with the same idea: “The order is always seeking to become chaos”. The music of SMILE A VELOCIRAPTOR is characterized by high speed, frequent rhythm changes now and then turning to total arrhythmia and even jazz. Deathcore and grindcore roots of the band are also evident! Broadly speaking it is a spawn of Entropy and extreme Technicality! “Grinch Law” features Vlad Lobanov (VECTOR OF UNDERGROUND).

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