Slaves of the Prison – Deathward

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Slaves of the Prison wants to present a complete concept through the album “Deathward”. The album describes a process of dying, and everything will end up in an equal way by facing death. Death gives all things equal, and life is a process of dying. The album described the memorable experiences in the way to die, the meaning of life is how to deal with life, and the band chooses to record it.
Each piece of “Deathward” has certain relevance as well as relative independence, as if the eternal contradiction between life and death. “Wanna live and you die, wanna die than you live.”. Carries hope, and breeds death.” It’s the core idea expressed through the album “Deathward”.
In the music arrangement, Slaves of the Prison pays more attention to every RIFF on the guitar, a large number of high-speed pick downing, intensive drum, give many old solo to ensure the relative balance of music audible and technology. Pay attention to details but also pay attention to the integrity of the music, detailed to each paragraph of cohesion, each song’s cohesion. Structurally, it features a very unusual configuration with a unique Interlude. “Deathward” is stable as a whole, but never dull, to handle delicate instruments is just perfect.

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