Slaughterday – Laws of the Occult (Cassette)

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Death Metal à la MASSACRE or AUTOPSY complacent? Here are 10 brand-hot pieces included HALLOWS EVE coverversion directly from the slaughterhouse – SLAUGHTERDAY.

Defying Danger Records proudly presents the oldest of all old school formats – the cassette version of the new album “Laws Of The Occult” out on 6th June!

This Northern German powerhouse duo are around since 2010 & have managed to gain a lot of attention with their previous releases. SLAUGHTERDAY celebrate old school death metal in the vein of AUTOPSY, CARCASS or MASSACRE while adding some unique and irrestistable vibes to it.

The 44 minutes are for stability in terms of the gruff rough, old school sound & genre quality. You can also see with the new album “Laws Of The Occult”, what a roaring and booming death metal full operation is. The patient SLAUGHTERDAY smells wonderful to old sound of the 90s & thus a must for lovers of original Death Metal teaching!

Produced by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studios & Cover Art by Mark Cooper

Their 2nd masterpiece “Laws Of The Occult” limited to 300 copies

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