Slaughter Brute – Symmetric Biomass

$6.00 CAD

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Sonorously sharp, ruthless technical death metal with a touch of brutality can be compared to a trolley rushing along at maximum speed and threatening to smash your brain with the hot alloy of Donbass metal. Masterful execution and delivery create bizarre intricacies, where aggressiveness is not detrimental to technicality, while brutality is extremely mature and well-weighed. SLAUGHTER BRUTE rock massively and intensively, but not on the backs of shopworn groove and slamming. It is their energetic and diversified material with frequently changing rhythmic patterns and extreme vocals that perfectly fit the monolithic musical foundation. The formulas forming the basis of song structures are not easily understandable for an average listener. However as soon as you understand them, the monumental picture of the album becomes flesh, unfolds details, colors, halftones and musical connotations. A recognizable cover art for this opus was prepared by Dmitry SEEMING WATCHER – the best artist in this business!

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