Shadows of Contempt – Hopeless

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The band was formed in the spring 2017 by guitarist /vocalist Alexander Sheynin (Back Door To Asylum) and drummer Timur Khabirov (ex – Slaughter For The Daddy). A few months later Pavel Borisov, known for his work with such bands as Rage in Silence and Carnage joined as a bassist. Focused on modern tech death metal sound, mixing fast blastbeats and heavy breakdowns, Shadows Of Contempt released their first EP “In The Circle Of Despair” in september 2017, which received many encouraging reviews. The band started to make live performances with a new member Sergey Juravlev on vocals, while Alexander Sheynin switched to guitar only. With this line-up, SOC played on Coyote Brutal Fest, shared the stage with such bands as Avulsed, Internal Suffering, Posthumous Blasphemer.
In may 2019 Shadows Of Contempt entered the studio to record the first LP “Hopeless”. The album contains 10 tracks, while the lyrics focused on society inequality, double standards, totalitarism, concealment of truth.

For fans of Origin, Beneath The Massacre, Cytotoxin, Psycroptic

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