Sanguinary Execution – Slowly Torment Towards Death

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SANGUINARY EXECUTION Slowly Torment Towards Death CD COY 267 – 22
Release date March 22, 2022.
Our world is changing every day! Some changes are taking place in different areas of life – economics, politics, social sphere, ecology, etc. But there are things that do not change over the years. One of these is the work of the projects of the notorious Ecuadorian musician Carlos De La Vega! Or rather, his desire to perform the most brutal and non-commercial death metal within the framework of these projects! And again, as part of his brainchild SANGUINARY EXECUTION, he is ready to present to the public the latest album “Slowly Torment Towards Death”. Don’t expect anything radically new on this album! In fact, that’s what makes everything so beautiful.
releases that Senor De La Vega had a hand in! And again it will be the most powerful, uncompromising brutal death metal of the highest standard! “The same cabbage soup” for gourmets of haute brutal cuisine, as well as fans of such bands as, first of all, themselves SANGUINARY EXECUTION, GASTRORREXIS, GORGASM, early SEVERE TORTURE and others like them!
For the Cover Responsible ARMAADA ART !!!

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