Sanctuarium – Cadaveric Reminiscense (Cassette)

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Deep underground in Barcelona, Spain there dwells an entity that embodies the true essence of death and doom. It pays no mind to the trends nor to pomp nor polish. It exists only to glorify all things raw, archaic, and morbid. This mysterious entity is known simply as SANCTUARIUM.

SANCTUARIUM is the solo endeavor of multi-instrumentalist/artist Necrohelm. Using this moniker he quietly unleashed one of the best death metal demos of 2021: the 3-song “Cadaveric Reminiscense” [limited to 50 cassette tapes via Spain’s Pesta Negra Records].

If you are a fan of 90s era death metal, particularly bands like Ceremonium, Mythic, and Infester, you do not want to sleep on this debut! It has a truly old school sound, encompassing the raw, natural, and ominous songwriting and production-style of underground legends from days long past.

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