Rude – Remnants (Cassette)

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Californian Death Metal sickheads RUDE are back with the 2nd album called ”Remnants…”. The 4 grim reapers from the west coast present with ”Remants” an beast of an album full of filth, blood, pus & violence. The band recorded 9 brandnew filthy & authentic classic Death Metal songs still in the vein of PESTILENCE, MORBID ANGEL or NOCTURNUS. No drum-trigger, no bombast, no bullshit…just old school Death Metal to the bone. Nobody less than the mighty artist Dan Seagrave is responsible for the amazing coverartwork. Well known mostly from the early ’90s artwork masterpieces of ENTOMED, MORBID ANGEL, SUFFOCATION, DISMEMBER & tons more…he’s still one of the greatest artists worldwide

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