Rotting Repugnancy – Harbingers of the Last Judgement (Imported LP)

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1. Desert Storm
A2. Exhalted throne
A3. Despised And Rejected
A4. Hollow Beast

B1. And The Day Shall Dawn With Fire
B2. Tears That Fill My Bones
B3. Godless World
B4. Koventrieren

“These English blokes play old school mid paced death metal that’s equal parts Jungle Rot, Gutted (OH), and Bolt Thrower. This shit pummels the listener with a fist pumping sound straight out of the early 90s… I don’t think this will be for everyone but I certainly like it. The chops these fellas choose to exhibit on Harbingers Of The Last Judgement are very simplistic but also redonkulously catchy if you can get into this stripped down, bare bones style of yore. After about a song and a half I found myself really loving it” – Trevor Strnad/Black Dahlia Murder

“Riffs that could crack the earth, an unstoppable juggernaut of death metal bears down on you when you put this record on. It revels in titanic groove, rumbling brutality and an endless stream of headbanging riffs. Rotting Repugnancy are taking up the mantle from Bolt Thrower and proving once more than British death metal is alive” –

“Harbingers of the Last Judgement” is a monstrous eight track album that doesn’t hold a single thing back, and I mean nothing, not even for a second so what you’re given is a straight up assault on your entire sense of hearing as this record is a glorious piece of fiery destruction that cannot and will not stop” –
released May 11, 2016

Artwork by Marco Hassmann

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