Rotting Obscene – Depths of Decay

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“The technicality Rotting Obscene display here is pretty impressive, they know how and when to shred and when to open the song up and let it breathe… they also know how to kick your ass, borrowing from the Suffocation school of groove filled beatdown to gnarly effect; choosing to crush the listener with style rather than some mindless, single string doo-doo slam.” Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder / Metal Injection.


1. Audient Void 04:27
2. Cataclysmic Advent 04:27
3. Depths of Decay 03:54
4. Nightmares of the Forlorn 04:36
5. The Awakening 03:29
6. Paths of Deception 04:01
7. Abhorrent Reprisal 04:03
8. Temporal Diminishment 06:19
9. Metamorphic Transcendence 03:16
10. Absence of Light 04:18
11. Warstorm 03:06
12. Defacing Divinity 04:29

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