Regnat Horrendum – The Prophet

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The new full-length album by the black metal band from Kaliningrad. The release is full of surprises. Album concept is based on Ulv Svendel’s poem about Oleg the Wise. These poem has already been used by Wolfkrieg, however REGNAT HORRENDUM’s approach is no way worse than theirs. The album features a Holdaar’s song re-recorded with the lyrics aligned with the day. How exactly? Just have a listen. Another re-recorded song — ‘Svarog’. This opening track is a direct reference to another project, namely Vision of Elders (Kaliningrad). Numerous ambient inserts refer to Autumn Tales project. Those familiar with the matter will get this. Album intro was recorded by Martin Scheel from Adamantum (Germany). However, the main change here is the vocalist! It just so happened that another band member, Alexey, was unable to join the recording process, and the vocals were recorded by Alexander ‘Duke’ Kantemirov (former member of Tales of Darknord, Rossomahaar, Der Gerwelt, Katar, Stonehenge), who needs no introduction! Probably, this is the main highlight of the album.

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