Reckless Manslaughter – Caverns of Perdition (Cassette)

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RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER’s, the NRW-Death Metal stretchers return from the catacombs barely 6 years after the ”Blast Into Oblivion” album. Despite the fact that RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER are around for a decade now, this is so far only the 3rd album. ”Caverns Of Perdition” is the name of this great work by the five gentlemen from Herne & here is a huge obeisance to the death metal from the old days. A mix of european & american Death Metal shoots out of the boxes in the up-coming 44 minutes! RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER have gone under the proven wing of East Frisian-Scott Burns-Jörg Uken and create 9 unbelievably varied Death Metal grenades. Countless pretty cool riffs, reminiscent of old days of MORBID ANGEL or even SINISTER, meets with nasty Doom passages. The result is a refreshing album full of Death Metal played from the rotten heart. On Top there is also a fat Dan Seagrave cover which says very clearly, here damned experts at work! An all-round a successful, unique Death Metal thunderstorm from German land awaits you!The Tape Edition of this magnificent death metal hammer appears as D.D.R. #030 in our Tape Series. Defying Danger Records, together with RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER, keep high so all the virtues that once made the genre great in the past. From 07th july 2019 we serve you with ”Caverns Of Perdition” the perfect old school sound in the old school format.

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